• When he appears before up with flying mane and flowing tail, divested of bridle, saddle and harness, free of the signs of his subjugation, we sense the open spaces that were once his home and that he ruled with others of his kind

    - Hans- Heinrich Isenbart -
  • The purpose of healing is not to be forever happy; that is impossible. The purpose of healing is to be awake. And to live while you are alive instead of dying while you are alive. Healing is about being broken and whole at the same time.

    - Geneen Roth -
  • The important thing is this:

    To be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.

    - Charles Du Bos -

A Return to Celebration

22nd January 2015

Hello Love,

Whew- what a new year this is so far. I received SO many responses to my last newsletter from women- and quite a few men!- feeling the heat and fire in their own lives as well. It seems like 2015 has raged in like a horse on the loose and given quite a few people the opportunity to really heal and grow.

Unfortunately- initiations in life such as these often come in forms that aren’t easy. Accidents, illness, fights, loss, tragedy- I’ve been hearing so much of this the past few weeks, and even experienced some of it in my personal life.

But it’s just these times when our practices become even more important- when our faith is tested and we have trouble seeing the light, it’s just these practices and rituals that will save us. You’ve heard me speak many times about Alchemy and the power of the transmutation process, and today I want to really focus on one third of the Alchemy Formula– Celebration.

{Ps- if you don’t know the Alchemy Formula yet, don’t worry you don’t need to for today but the opportunity to learn all about it is coming very soon}

Last summer I ran the 40 Days of Celebration event, and today I bring it back to usher in 2015 and remind us all why it’s SO important that we celebrate, even in the midst of chaos (good and bad), confusion, heartache and loss. By committing to a solid practice such as 40 days, we create the opportunity to celebrate our own abundance, love, light, shadows… and everything possible in between.

Why is so important to commit to this practice? Because believe it or not, one of the hardest things for most of us to do is celebrate – truly celebrate - life.

I myself woke up yesterday deeply needing to recommit to this practice, and you know, as a classic Leo, I really love a great party and naturally – the more the merrier.

So I have a present for you… plus a way for you to get into the party and start one of your own.

Somewhere in the last couple thousand years, the true spirit of celebrating has been lost. Back in the day, whenever there was a change in seasons, rite of passage, full or new moon, holiday or anything significant, there were 2 things that happened – ritual to mark the occasion PLUS celebration to outwardly express love and gratitude. And it wasn’t just the big things – everything else that happened was celebrated, from the grapes growing or the animals mating to a friend just coming to town.

Ancient societies understood that for the universe (or God or the Goddess or whoever you want to call it) to continue to rein blessings on life, we had to express our gratitude and love for life – no matter what hand had been dealt to us. 

In daring to give, we open to receiving.

In daring to surrender, we open to letting go.

In daring to trust, we open to growing our wings.

In daring to celebrate, we open to grace. 

Now I’m not saying that we don’t celebrate like this today. I see celebration happening all the time at wedding, parties, bars and homes.

But two things happened. First, somehow, someway, we began to see celebrating as bad. Or boastful. Or only for those who have a lot or a more perfect life.

And second, especially for women, it became unsafe and unseemly to shine or be in the spotlight.

And so, there became something lost in the translation around celebration– and what is missing, where we lost this ancient practice, is the intention and ritual that makes up The Art of Celebrating. 

I have so much to say about this in fact, that I’ve recorded a talk I give about The Art of Celebration and am providing it for you as my gift now for the New Year.

In addition, I have a second gift for you: Today, I open the doors to a completely free offering called 40 Days of Celebration. It’s a simple practice outlined below and all you have to do to participate is post on Social Media with the #40DaysOfCelebration to play along!


The 6 Rules of Celebration:

1. There is only one task per day- to practice the Art of Celebration and share it.

2. This is a 40-Day practice beginning whenever you begin- so if you join a few days late, no problem. Join the party when you are ready! There is no daily practice (for those of you who did the Celebrating Abundance: A 40-Day Practice {don’t fret- this is way less work).

3. There are no set rules. This is your party, and I invite you to celebrate however you love to celebrate, for whatever you want to celebrate.

4. Nothing is too big or too small to celebrate. Excited about your coffee today? Celebrate it. Pumped you got that promotion? Celebrate it. In love with life? Celebrate it. Having a horrible day/week/month/year? Celebrate it for the gifts of liberation it’s offering you.

5. Share your Daily Celebration with the world via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #40DaysOfCelebration.

6. Extra Bonus points for inviting your friends to join in and create your own chains of celebration wherever you can!

In addition to the practice, I want to share with you one of my all time favorite concepts to teach: The Celebration Ritual. Please click HERE to read more about how to create your own Celebration Ritual. When you create one, share it in the group and with the world when you create it!

My vision for this year is that every one of us receives the gifts that The Art of Celebration can offer each of us when we celebrate with intention, grace, surrender and trust. I know last year when I allowed The Art of Celebration into my heart, my life changed in ways I could never have dreamed possible. Each of us deserves to celebrate our lives- no matter what is happening, how great or bad it may seem at the time.

In fact, the last time I formally ran this program in July 2014, I out of the blue signed a lease on a new apartment in my dream city within days of starting, started a run of my highest revenue months EVER (which hasn’t stopped) and fell even more madly in love with my boyfriend and friends. There is something to this, for that I am certain.

 I believe that…

If we can master not only having gratitude for what is happening, but to celebrate it no matter what, then the world can truly change. {Click to Tweet}

For several months now I have been speaking a lot about Liberation- if you have been releasing and changing things up in your life, no matter how hard or scary it may seem, celebration can help you let go of what is changing, honor the role it played in your life, and usher in the new (even if you don’t know what that is yet) in ways that nothing else can.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Celebration is the key to The Unbridled Life, The Heroine’s Odyssey and to a few other concepts that I am preparing to reveal over the coming months.

If you can get the Art of Celebration piece down, the rest will be so easy, it will feel like…MAGIC.

In Liberation and Celebration,

Jen Signature

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