• When he appears before up with flying mane and flowing tail, divested of bridle, saddle and harness, free of the signs of his subjugation, we sense the open spaces that were once his home and that he ruled with others of his kind

    - Hans- Heinrich Isenbart -
  • The purpose of healing is not to be forever happy; that is impossible. The purpose of healing is to be awake. And to live while you are alive instead of dying while you are alive. Healing is about being broken and whole at the same time.

    - Geneen Roth -
  • The important thing is this:

    To be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.

    - Charles Du Bos -

#Shaktified Practice

30th March 2015

Hello love,

Below is a compilation of a 9 Day Instagram experiment I conducted called #Shaktified. It was based upon one of my favorite festivals to the Goddess- Navaratri- which took place at the end of March.

I share this experiment and practice with you, with hopes that it inspires you in your own practices, as well as in showing up fully as you for the world to witness and behold.

Twice a year during Navaratri, we intentionally drop down into our bodies, open our hearts and tune in to a rowdy and playful, dark and reverent, fiery and enchanting celebration of the Goddess in all her forms of Shakti power. This practice can be done at ANY time when you feel the pull to reach deep within and access your own power and light.

And to answer the most common question I received- yes- all of these pictures are me, exploring various aspects of my being and ALL the ways the divine can appear in each of us.


Today, I bow down to fierce Spiritual Warrior of the light: Maa Durga {the original Braveheart} on her lion of truth. Ferocious love and compassion. Light and shadow. Blood and beauty. Able to sip wine while simultaneously killing her opponent. A true queen. A tiger of strength and devotion. Cutting away those things that threaten our sovereignty so we can fully step into the glory and light.

So this afternoon I clean up any energy leaks in my life, business and relationships. Then I’m headed out into the sun to move my body in a fierce flow, let out a few mighty roars and find my center of strength to face my fears head on in preparation for a major launch on the horizon. And tonight I celebrate wrapped in the arms of my love.

Om Dum Durgayai Namaha

I bow to the fierce warrior goddess within us all.

Join me by sharing how you honor the power within with #shaktified and your own rituals to let the fierce warrior queen move through you today. May we stoke the fires of alchemy together and rise rise rise.


Night 2 of Spring #navaratri and it’s all about purification in service to creation: Maha Kali.

Perhaps the most misunderstood of them all- mistaken as bloodthirsty and revengeful, most fear the power of the divine fiery one. I know I denied her for a LONG time. Oh no, not invited to this party…

But truth be told: in denying her, I invited chaos into my life by refusing her magic.

Though something within me secretly longed for her. The confidence, the power, the force, the benevolence to take care of matters for the highest good of all and ultimate Liberation.

Willing to burn away anything holding us back from living as our most authentic selves. Willing to fully surrender ego and let go like no one else can…. Not to harm others, but rather to destroy the dragons & shadows lurking in your own heart.

Willing to stand in the heat of the fire- not to be burned by it, but rather to BECOME the flame itself.

All in order to give you the courage to step into your destiny, live your truth, and create from the genius that IS you- that only you and you alone can bring in your unique way.

Maha Kali isn’t for the faint of heart, but let me tell you- the riches she bestows to those willing to walk with her are beyond what this world can even dream.

Since accepting her into my heart, I’ve experienced a contentment like nothing I’ve felt before, my energy is through the roof, I no longer shrink from speaking my truth and my heart overflows with love constantly.

She is the original Alchemist: turning, churning, and burning to create gold out of everything in your life.

Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicche Svaha

I bow to she who liberates and sets us free.

With this new moon especially- what are you ready to burn away and fully let go so you can show up more fully as YOU in the world?


Day 3 of spring #navaratri and opening up my personal#shaktified practice here.

I had another goddess planned to share with you today for the final day of fierceness before moving on to beauty- but well- as I’ve learned in my #devotion to#shakti over the years, some of the best laid plans need to be cut apart, set aside and abandoned in service to the creative force ready to come through.

Which requires surrender in the highest sense of the word, detachment from the ego and a metaphorical ‘cutting off’ of ones head in service to the whole.

Especially when honoring the dark goddess- the more we try to control, the more pain we experience.

And so this morning, in a vulnerability hangover of sharing my fire yesterday: with tears in my heart and a deep sense of sadness around a fear of abandonment that creeps in now and then, the fiercest yet most loving of them all- Chinnamasta- danced into my heart.

It’s been a long while since we’ve danced together, but she made it clear that her lessons today are not just for me, but for us all:

* Sacrifice the ‘head’ of the ego so you may serve without inhibition
* Get out of your comfort zone!
* Fearlessly face your greatest questions, shadows & desires
* True freedom comes from naked truthfulness
* Brave the darkness to know the glory of the light
* From our deepest passion arises our highest service, transcendence, and awakening
* The lightening of illumination will set you free
* Let go. Let go. Let go… LET GO.

Om aim hrim shrim Vajra-vairochanyai hum hum phat svaha

Chinnamasta: the original Guru, willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice of herself to feed those she teaches & serves.

I bow. I surrender. I sacrifice. I rise. I serve. I am free.

11083671_10152718846403199_1655117519967180611_nNight 4 of spring #navaratri and the sweet #nectar of beauty returns.

We made it through the fierce warriors and I’ve heard from many of you too it was intense up until a few hours ago… But then did you feel it? The soft light swept in and smell of roses entered the room… Maha Lakshmi is now in the house.

Oh how I wish I could be in this energy of the goddess of miracles, abundance and beauty All. The. Time. It’s so sweet and luscious, curvy and sensual, beckoning me with her smell of roses and sweet songs, drinking the ambrosia of immortality and abundance.

But that’s just the thing- if we could be here all the time, it wouldn’t feel so luxurious. The height of the bliss is amplified by the depths we are first willing to dive for liberation. Therefore, we must play with the fierce ones first- drink the poison of our fears, dance in the flames, face our shadows- so that this sweet nectar can nourish us to the fullest.

No one else can do it for you, and the more you allow, the more abundance you can receive.

Dark + Light. Blood + Bliss. Fire + Grace.

Today I celebrate it ALL- the good, amazing, ugly and wish-I-could-avoids. I celebrate the love, family, friendship, tribe, clients, divine guidance and all the experiences I’ve called into my life.

Blessed beyond measure every single day.

Infinitely grateful for it all.

Today in offering: 10 rounds of 108 of
Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiaye Namaha paired with visioning, daydreaming and sacred silence all afternoon into the night.



Day 5 of spring #navaratri and I’m mixing it up with another beacon of love- Aphrodite.

Within The Heroine’s Odyssey I teach specific mantras and practices for each Stage of Embodiment one can be currently experiencing. These practices include many elements where mantra is only one option- there is so much more we can learn from ALL traditions- Greek, Roman, the Mystics, Christianity, Celtic, Egyptian & more- to access our creative force and live a #shaktified life.

I often return to a set of practices to Aphrodite when I need to tap into my sexuality and joy to open the gates to abundance. Much like Lakshmi, #Aphrodite embodies beauty. But her raw, feminine vulnerability- standing naked on the beach, born from the sea, open to life’s joys, are so needed by many of us.

When I was 19 I lived in Greece studying with a well known Classics professor (my second major). One day we went to Corinth and the site of a major battle in the ancient world. While the rest of the group was exploring ruins and talking weapons, I snuck off up the hill to a hut I saw far up. When I walked in, I fell immediately to the ground sobbing. As I looked around, all I saw was a fire pit on one wall and writing/ markings everywhere. I was transported to another time- of dancing, of sex, of music and of deep soul healing. Hours later a classmate found me sleeping on the floor of this hut clutching my heart.

Not my first mystical experience, but certainly one of the most profound. I later found out from a local that this hut was once a makeshift temple to Aphrodite after the battle had raged and long after- where the priestesses to Aphrodite offered their magic to the men who had been wounded.

Whenever I feel lost or confused about my path, or cynical about the power of healing work, I go back to this experience to feel whole- and HOME- in my body again.

How can you allow this eternal goddess of wholeness and love mend your broken places? Where might the healing power of TOUCH be needed?

Open yourself up to the possibility that your freedom lies in your willingness to be born from the depths of raw vulnerability and naked devotion to the divine in whatever form she takes for you.


Night 6 of #navaratri and one more evening in the sweet intoxication of the energy of Lakshmi and her sisters in beauty & love.

It’s the sweet kiss of Lalita Tripura Sundari who danced in to play with my heart today. Sun shining brightly, long talks with friends & clients, ocean waves rolling, blue skies overhead and an intense feeling of:

Well isn’t this life just pure paradise… This must bewhat heaven feels like.

Which in many ways is just what Lalita teaches us: Heaven is here, right before our eyes. All we need to do is look within & open our eyes to the nirvana in the here and now.

As Sally Kempton says of the ‘Charming One’- Lalita’s ‘essence is divine beauty and whose gift is the bliss that arises when you are able, through her grace, to recognize that every pore of your body, every eyelash, every movement of thought or breath is an expression of her divine play’

She is, in many ways, that queen who can simultaneously hustle and laugh, conquer kingdoms (or hearts) just by shining brightly as herself in the world.

Grace. Fire. Rapture. Bliss. Power- in all the ways power can show up

The original Lover and Enchantress- capturing hearts through her inner cultivation of joy.

So tonight might I suggest: Turn on some music, light some candles, feel your body in all the ways she wants to move. Notice the details- of your skin, of your flow, of everything surrounding you in the room. Drive around your neighborhood and see the beauty in every detail of every plant, flower and tree. See your neighbors- really SEE them for the love each one of them possesses. Fall in love with the details.

Allow the beauty that surrounds you to become you. Become your inspiration and your fuel. Allow the ordinary to become the extraordinary simply by saying Yes.

And open your heart to the possibility that these things can transform your entire reality into a daily rapture of unlimited potential.

Lalita- I bow at your feet of the Queen within us all who at the end of the day, enjoys a really amazing party to awaken the #kundalini & #celebrate it ALL.


Night 7 of #navaratri and we come to a place of divine music and flow: #saraswati

I have so so so much to say about this divine muse- which is exactly how she rolls. Words and creation, music and divinely orchestrated methods to the madness. At times she can even seem frantic- the creative juice pouring through so quickly it’s seems humanly impossible to keep up.

This is the space I’ve personally been occupying the past few weeks. The start of the year raged in with Kali’s fire, followed by the bliss of Lakshmi to soothe my heart. And what happens when we are willing to walk through the fire, face our resistance with courage, then celebrate it all?

We are gifted with the creative mojo we’ve been asking for all along. But it comes only after we are willing to do the work to get there. No bypassing here. Saraswati demands respect to get access to the infinite gifts of her wisdom:

Do the Work. Read the texts. Study with the masters. Get the degree you need. Practice for 10,000 hours. Face your shadows. Honor your journey. See the beauty in it all.

Then, the muse sweeps in and teaches everything you need to know to shine brightly as the artist of your own life.

The original Master: willing to journey far, inquire deep, and stretch beyond her edges to create her version of High Art in service to the world.

Om aim hrim saraswatyai Namaha

I bow to your wisdom, knowledge and grace. Like a perfect white rose revealing the secrets of the Universe- one petal at a time.

10999256_10152725905878199_3424982220593124793_nNight 8 of #navaratri is upon us, and everything in me wanted to stop. Run away. Go back to ‘normal’ and business as ‘usual’- even though that seems almost funny to consider.

But then a friend reached out, said these words, this energy- this Daily Meditation- is needed… so here I am- vulnerable and naked at the feet of the #Divine and this next calling I’ve accepted.

I had crippling dreams last night of the thing that seemingly matters most to me- my voice, my poetry, my words- being stolen from me. Mouth sown shut by the powers that be- no one able to hear me. In the middle of the night, after my screams were calmed- I called upon the wings of the mother of them all- Isis- to rock me back to sleep.

While not traditionally part of Navaratri-hailing from ancient Egypt instead- it is said in some circles that all goddesses and Mary mythology come from Her lineage that began thousands of years ago- having influenced all those who followed in her wake.

So today she has a message for each of YOU-
Trust the process.

Don’t be afraid to shine.

Your words, Your truth {yes- YOU} are desperately needed by those who can hear them.

Those who threaten to take away anything can not get what is most important- your heart and soul.

Rest in her wings, for she is always here for comfort and love and- like she did for her lover Osiris- to put you back together again.

When it feels like things are falling apart, they are really weaving together into something gloriously new.

The #DivineFeminine- She’s #Rising- and there will be those who fear her power and sully her name.

#GoForth anyway
Be Seen
Speak your truth
Know that everything is already perfect. Always. Forever. For Infinity.

Isis- The original Angel: fierce and soft, catalyst and comforter, mother and lover- traversing the depths and soaring the heights so we may know freedom.

She is Here. She is You. She is Us.


The end of #navaratri but certainly not the end of this#shaktified adventure.

This morning I’m feeling the deep effects of 9 intensive days and nights dedicated to heightened levels of my practices, facing many sides of myself, seeing my courage, honoring my fears, visioning my dreams and coming out the other side feeling sparkling clean and new.

The creative fire lit, ready for the next steps, and new levels of being in my body accessed. Feels so amazing to get to live in this body and listen to her wisdom time & time again.

And as always, celebrating it all- the things that transpired, the inspiration that came through, and the exciting changes & offerings coming over the next few weeks that I’m blessed to birth into the world.

So today- and every day- the most powerful mantra of all:

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

This life, this body, this sacred myth each of us is living is so full and potent. I can’t wait to see what is next for me and for all of you.

Keep sharing. Keep moving. Keep showing us your Truth.

Thank you.

In Liberation + Celebration,


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