• When he appears before up with flying mane and flowing tail, divested of bridle, saddle and harness, free of the signs of his subjugation, we sense the open spaces that were once his home and that he ruled with others of his kind

    - Hans- Heinrich Isenbart -
  • The purpose of healing is not to be forever happy; that is impossible. The purpose of healing is to be awake. And to live while you are alive instead of dying while you are alive. Healing is about being broken and whole at the same time.

    - Geneen Roth -
  • The important thing is this:

    To be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.

    - Charles Du Bos -

The missing piece of manifestation

11th September 2014

Hello Love,

It seems lately like every other thing I see online or in my communities is about magic and manifestation. I know I’m just as guilty – I love a little magic (ok ok, a lot) and I certainly love to manifest.

But, something has been nagging at me the past few weeks about how “easy” and “effortless” so many are claiming it to be. You know what I’m talking about: “do these 3 things and you’ll be a millionaire” or “clear this one block and you’ll have everything you’ve ever dreamed of.”

I’m here to say: that’s all bullshit.

Yes, I said it. Bullshit. Not the full story. Only a piece of the puzzle.

Once we’re “in the flow,” it often does feel like magic. But, there is a piece I’ve noticed that no one is talking about: the clearing out and inner work that needs to happen to be able to get there.

That’s right – the inner work. The odyssey within. 

The piece that turns out, after all, to be alchemy.

As many of you who follow me on social media may already know, last week I made a major life change and left my home city of the past 10 years – San Francisco – to begin a new chapter with my love in San Diego. Back in July, when I began the 40 Days of Celebration, I set the intention of making this move happen by November. But in all honesty, in my heart of hearts on that day of July 24th I knew it had to happen by September 1st – my soul was calling so strongly to move south that I could no longer ignore her.

It was an aggressive intention – especially taking into account: my past credit history {read more about that here}, my man owned a business that he needed to sell, all of the expenses were involved, moving to a town 9 hours away, and hearing that finding a place not being a “local” would be difficult.

In all honesty, from the outside it looked like the “odds” were stacked against us.

Yes, it was a miracle that we moved into a beautiful home by September 1st. And that we had just enough money to do so. And that Matt literally sold his business and signed the contract hours before picking up the U-Haul.

It was magic – absolutely 100% magic.

But it didn’t happen overnight. 

I didn’t just dream it up and make it happen that fast. In fact, I’d been hearing the call since 2009 to move south. I spent several years dreaming up what type of town I wanted. I got serious about moving 14 months ago – and so began the process of the missing piece of manifestation: alchemy.

Alchemy is transmuting and clearing out dull and dead parts of ourselves, ultimately allowing gold to emerge from the depths into light. {Click to Tweet}

And so, once I began this intentional round of alchemy to find my new home, I spent those 14 months doing serious inner work:

Healing very ancient wounds – some going back lifetimes.

Clearing my money blocks.

Deep excavations of past hurts and a hell of a lot of forgiveness.

Late nights wrangling with Kali and being subjected to her dagger of truth, clearing and liberation.

Early mornings chanting to Lakshmi to remind myself of the beauty of abundance.

Days, weeks, and months celebrating. Even when the last thing I wanted to do was celebrate or even smile under the blanket of fog- literal and metaphorical.

Diving deep into my calling as a Priestess and fully accepting the charge I have been given here on this earth to do this work with integrity and grace.

Travelling to Peru to work with a shaman taking plant medicine to facilitate the process.

And, hiring an amazing mentor to work through the transition – Nisha Moodley – an alchemist in her own right.

{Yes- It’s been a busy 14 months!}

So when I set this intention in July at the beginning of the 40 Days of Celebration, I was really truly READY on every level of my being for this move to happen. I had done the internal work. I had worked through my hidden resistance and a lot of fear that had been dulling my spirit.

I finally knew on a deep level that I deserved to live the life I wanted – for no other reason than simply being a human and alive (and you’d be surprised that this piece alone was perhaps the hardest of them all, as it is for many of the women I work with in my programs).

I saw, once and for all, just how much my story, my past, and my personality was really just the metaphorical metal waiting to transform into gold and emerge. And when I finally took action to allow it to come forth, it was EASY, it was EFFORTLESS – insomuch as I had already done all of the “other” work involved to get me to that place of truly being READY.

Then it happened so fast it felt like a blink of an eye, a waving of the wand, a snap of the fingers, and our new home was here. Like magic.

One of the key pieces in all of this was having a mentor to guide me throughout the process – Nisha Moodley.

Nisha taught me so much throughout this process, and while I had the honor of working with her 1:1, I’ll also be taking part in to her newest offering: the FIERCE FABULOUS FREE Video Training Series.

When I met Nisha, I was set on the decision to live the life that I thought I should be living, not the life I wanted to. By making a shift into deciding what I wanted, I was able to shift my entire life.

Now I know that sounds easier said than done, but it truly can be as simple as making very specific decisions about your life and taking clear actions that are totally in alignment with those decisions.

Want to know how? Then you should check out Nisha’s new video training series.

Nisha will show you how to:

  1. Achieve Confident Clarity, so you can stop waking up feeling overwhelmed and badly about yourself, and instead wake up feeling clear, focused and motivated.
  2. Find Feminine Focus by discovering your sweet spot at the intersection of ambition and ease, so you can enjoy your life now.
  3. Truly Be the Change as a genuine leader by weaving your big vision and daily actions into a whole new level of impact in your life and work.

Now is your opportunity to learn from this amazing woman, teacher and mentor. If you want to make a difference in the world, it’s not just about working harder, it’s about cultivating freedom in your heart and life, and truly being the change. Because the world will be set free by women who are free.

Join me in this adventure and sign up for the free video training series. It’s free. It’s time. You’re ready. Today is the day to bring more meaning and play to you life, complete with a supportive and loving sisterhood to cheer you on. Let Nisha show you how.

Fearlessly Loving & Unbridled,

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