• When he appears before up with flying mane and flowing tail, divested of bridle, saddle and harness, free of the signs of his subjugation, we sense the open spaces that were once his home and that he ruled with others of his kind

    - Hans- Heinrich Isenbart -
  • The purpose of healing is not to be forever happy; that is impossible. The purpose of healing is to be awake. And to live while you are alive instead of dying while you are alive. Healing is about being broken and whole at the same time.

    - Geneen Roth -
  • The important thing is this:

    To be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.

    - Charles Du Bos -

Your Questions Answered

16th October 2014
Hello Love,
I’ve been receiving a lot of emails and questions about my introduction to The Heroine’s Odyssey sent out last week. I wanted to take a moment and write a little more about it so you have an idea of where it’s coming from, what I’ll be doing over there and where it is going.
You see, a couple of weeks ago, I was sitting in a room in Santa Fe with some of my closest girlfriends who also happened to be bad-ass entrepreneurs. In the midst of tears about the creative fire moving through me and how amazing it feels to experience so much passion in my work lately, I made a declaration:
I am an artist first. A writer, a creative, an author, a channel to spread the word of whatever is moving through me.
While my ‘work’ shows up as a healer, mentor, coach, shaman, priestess- these roles are a ‘vehicle’ for my creative fire to come forth to serve others.
So when I released the landing page for my latest creative endeavor- The Heroine’s Odyssey- last week, I knew full well I was breaking a lot of ‘rules’. There is no formal ‘launch’, no strategy or worry about the ‘numbers’. I still don’t know what day the site will be live, or exactly when I’ll reveal each creation or offering.
The theory that will be the beating heart of the experience itself is ready, and I’ve been testing it with small groups and individual clients for several months now. Feedback has included words such as ‘revolutionary’, ‘game-changing,’ ‘a uniquetwist on the classic epic journey’ and my favorite so far- ‘It’s like Joseph Campbell put on a skirt, grabbed a sword and went dancing in a lightening storm in the woods with the wild ones.’
By being on this separate private list, you’ll see what I’m talking about before any one else and before the site is live. Major celebration!{You can find the link HERE if you haven’t joined already}

It’s an epic tale- and you are the star. And your mother. And your sister. And every woman who walks the earth. It’s breathtaking in it’s scope and depth. It’s going to be vulnerable and raw and beautiful as I create a space where we can all tap into our naked bravery together.
And I love it. Everyday I’m waking up with new ideas, new ways to break the mold, to make this an actual EXPERIENCE- to be interactive instead of just another site with more shit to say.
And with that, time can not exist. Breathing life into this means surrendering to the hows and whens and how much and all the other details. And trusting that when she’s ready, it’ll be time.
Because while creating a life of dreams is awesome, I’m all for creating a life you can truly LIVE- according to your journey, your strengths, your embodiment.
The Heroine’s Odyssey is going to be ALIVE- whenever and however it finally shows up. And I have an amazing partner- Laura Dinstell- in making it happen.
So to answer many questions I received: no- I don’t know the exact day this will all be ready, or who my affiliates are for my group program or even when it will ‘launch’. There is no ‘editorial calendar’ or other blueprints to be followed. I won’t be hosting webinars with a pitch at the end or ‘closing my cart’ in 24 hours. I have no judgements of these things- I’ve done them myself in the past and for some things they work really well.
But they are not what this creative odyssey is all about, and truthfully have never really been me in the first place. I’m ok with that, and I hope you are too by if you choose to join me on this adventure. Because over the years I’ve learned that for me to be in alignment and integrity with everything I create, that’s not how the journey- the TRUE odyssey- works for my creations.
Instead of focusing on all that, I have ideas and poetry and golden graphics and goddess mantras and spoken word recordings to begin sharing- more than I know what to do with {some really unconventional} and I’ve created some truly kick-ass offerings that are being whipped up behind the scenes as we speak. But I know it’s still evolving.
And that’s part of the journey, part of the experience, part of the FUN— and it’s absolutely PERFECT.
Part of this experience will be talking about what it takes to walk your own Odyssey and bring your visions to life- and how to let it work FOR you, instead of fight it every step along the way… because you see, THAT is what takes the most courage of all.
If you haven’t checked it out yet, hop on over to www.heroinesodyssey.com and see if it feels right to you. And if not, we get to keep playing here in our unbridled explorations and that’s just as awesome.
I hope to see you on the road wherever we meet, love.


In Liberation & Celebration,

Jen Signature 




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